DAY 1 : Legs and Shoulders

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 Take a picture After Exercise

Itaewon Freedom

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 Find the sacred temple


How to do User Interviews

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 Decide people you’re interested in

 Drill down on secondary criteria

 Write a hypothesis.

 Get your potential testers.

 Write your script for the interview.

 Record your interview

 Write down your insights.

(Interview example) Interview for tourist in Korea

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 1. How did you know about Korea? How long have you been in Korea?

 2. What is your new experience in Korea and your favorite memories?

 3. What did you like most about Korea(Activity, Food, Place etc.)?

 4. Where did you get information about Korea? Friends(Korean or International)? Website?

 5. Which service did you find useful(App/Website)? What did you like/hate about?

 6. Any difficulties during your trip? Language, transportation, information, finding restaurant etc.

 7. Do you think what kind of tour guide or information would be helpful?

 8. (Suppose you want to visit the place) What do you think about mission based trip, decided by the list of where to go and do when you have no information about that place?

One-Punch Man Workout

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 100 Push-Ups

 100 Sit-Ups

 100 Squats

 10KM Running

 Write exercise Progress Note

Daily work Report

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 Write down When did you start working today

 Write what you did in the morning

 Write what you did in the afternoon

 Write what you did in the evening

 Write what you did in the night

 Write down any ideas you think about today